Celebrating Women BJJ Business Owners! Nov 2021

As I always say, I want to celebrate you here on my blog. I don't like to be in the spotlight and I tire of talking about myself. Recently I posted to IG and to the Women's Grappling Network asking for ladies to fill out a form if they own a BJJ business and if they wanted to be featured on my blog for November. Some of these awesome ladies signed up and shared their details! Thank you ladies so much! Be sure to check them all out. Please note, the sales are subject to change. Check out their websites for more details!

🎄Retail owned by Women🎄

Alchemize Fightwear

Apparel. 30% off sitewide

Fanimal Fitness

Grapple Graphix

20% off whole shop 11/26-11/30. Free shipping order over $35

Grapple Happy

Free shipping on all orders over $60 “ShipWorld60” in the USA and $100+ “ShipWorld100” for global

Grapple Graphix

20% off whole shop 11/26-11/30. Free shipping order over $35

Jiu-jitsus Life Accessories

BJJ Accessories. Free shipping on orders over $50


Apparel. Use Code: BFface21 for 10% Off!

Luxury Shack

Deals posted on her website.

Roll Model Grappling

Black Friday - Cyber Monday

Spend $40 get $5 off

Spend $80 get $15 off

Spend $150 get $40 off

Spend $350 get $75 off

Includes camps! Can not be used with other discounts.

Wolfs Den Martial Arts Supply

(Canada) Suppliments.

Spend $15-100 1 free gift.

$101-200 2 free gifts.

$201+ 3 free gifts

It will run nov 1- dec 26th

Vida Jiu-Jitsu Shop


Apparel. Will be having a sale, codes pending, follow on IG for updates!

🎄Magazine Owned by Women🎄

Jiujiteira Magazine

Buy one, get one subscription.

🎄BJJ Programs ran by Women🎄

Mean Girl Jiu Jitsu

🎄BJJ Schools Ran By Women🎄

(and in some cases, co-own with their spouses)

Ares BJJ Reno

Pre pay 9 months get 3 months free! Buy a Gi get a rashguard free

Avant Garde BJJ Academy

Open Source Jiu-Jitsu (Asheville, NC)

We always offer pay-what-you-want Fundamentals BJJ classes to keep BJJ accessible for all!

Twin Wolves MMA

VanBuren Jiu Jitsu

That wraps up this blog post! Have a 🦃Happy Thanksgiving🦃 and a 🎄Merry Christmas🎄!

Featuring YOU!

We're taking a break from this feature this month because we're featuring so many amazing folks! Feel free to message me if you're interested in being featured here on future blog posts. We love to celebrate our fellow grapplers!

Have you recently had a belt promotion? Stripe added to your belt? We want to feature you here and celebrate with you! Do you love our products? Take a selfie and we'll feature you too! We love our customers and we want this blog to be more than about us, we want you involved too!

We're also looking for guest bloggers! If you have a neat idea for a blog post, please feel free to reach out!

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