Visiting Other Gyms - July

June was an exciting month for our family. We had the opportunity to travel to Florida for a wedding (and maybe even visit Disney while we were there). While we were there, we kept with my husband's travel tradition, to drop into a BJJ school. I thought I would write up a short little blog post on dropping into schools, and maybe, the next time you get to travel, you can try dropping in somewhere too!

There are a few things one must keep in mind visiting another BJJ school.

  • Email ahead of time to make sure the school does not mind drop-ins from outside schools.
  • Ask if there are any drop-in fees. I have no issues with drop-in fees, I am thankful for the instruction and mat time I am getting on my trip, paying the instructor is a great way to say thanks and support their gym.
  • Ask if they have gi color preferences. Some gyms only allow white gis. If traveling with teens that also train, ask about age limits. Our teens got to do their first drop-in this past trip. They loved it.
  • Don't roll hard, you're not there to conquer everyone, be a nice guest. You don't have anything to prove. Who knows, you might visit again on another journey and you will want them to welcome you back.
  • Ask if there is anything else you should know before arriving.
  • Follow any rules they may have. Some gyms may require you face a wall away from the center of the mat to tie your belt, you'll want to ask what their etiquette is so you do not do a faux pas and get nasty looks.
  • If you had a good time, be sure to leave a good reivew for them on their social media pages and on google.

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas? Email me at grapplegraphix (at) gmail (dot) com and I will amend this list. I hope it is helpful for those traveling.

Visiting Knights BJJ in Kissimmee , Fl

My husband used to travel 50% of the year for work. When he traveled he would do his best to drop into gyms in the area he was working. When we go on family trips, I have been trying to keep with this tradition. This trip we got to visit Knights BJJ in Kissimmee , Fl. It was a very friendly gym and we learned a neat sweep from bottom guard. They had a drop-in fee (which again, I think is a great idea) and they allowed us to bring our teens (only one of our kids was able to attend as the other injured himself before he got to go). We enjoyed rolling with everyone there. Thanks Knights BJJ for letting us drop in on our trip! If you are looking for somewhere to drop in, I would highly reccomend their gym!

New Decal

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