Three Lessons Learned While Participating in Global Grappling Day

Tap Cancer Out and Global Grappling Day

My husband and I finished our second Tap Cancer Out(TCO) Global Grappling Day(GGD) 1 hour roll in December. This has become a fun tradition for us for a great cause. Last year, I raised the money alone, but my husband graciously rolled for an hour with me. This year we competed to see who could raise the most money and obviously rolled together. Here are three tips that we have learned over the past two years of participating in this event!


Raising the funds:

1) Use your Facebook Account!

In 2020, I connected my Facebook account to my fundraising page. This created an easy way for folks to just click and donate. This year we did not do that, and in a way, we saw how our donations were impacted. I think folks would prefer to just click one button and donate through Facebook if they can, rather than click the donation link. For 2022 we'll use both options again!

2) Raise the Stakes

2020 I raised money alone. This year I challenged my husband, Josh to see who could raise the most dough. I think our friends enjoyed seeing who they could help win. And some of our friends enjoyed just helping out this great cause. We kinda hopped in last minute, and what I want to do differently is have a consequence for the looser. Not sure what that would look like, maybe one of us has to treat the winner to dinner or something. Have an idea? Comment below!

Another thing I would love to do, is see if more students in our school would like to roll with us this year (2022). I don't remember this for 2020, but this year TCO had teams raising money. I think that would be a blast to see how well our school could do. 

Global Grappling Day

3. Breaks are OK

Last year, Josh rolled with me to help me finish my goal for rolling for an hour. I think I took a quick break or two to get some water or use the restroom. I learned this year of a tip, to do six, ten minuet rounds. We had Covid back in August, still working on getting our cardio back up. So this was a great option for us to get our goal. We took about a two minute break to drink some fluids. For our last 10min roll, we invited a pair of students to roll with each of us. Not that we were tired of each other. It was just a fun thing to invite some of the students to participate with us. I would love next year to get closer to rolling for the whole hour with fewer breaks. But I am thankful for this option to meet our one hour goal.


We both past the $200 threshold to earn our patches. There are prizes folks can win depending on how much they raise. I love earning my patch!  Day of the event I was still behind Josh in raising funds. TCO kept the fundraising doors open a little longer, and a Judo friend came in the last second and got me past Josh's numbers. This was fun and we cannot wait to do this for the third year in a row!  A huge thanks to our friends for helping us raise our dollars and making this a little extra fun.

Tap Cancer Our was able to beat their $150,000 goal for a total of $181,888 raise by grapplers all over the world! We got to be a part of that, will you be part of it in 2022?



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