A Seminar, a Few Promotions, and a Birthday Sale April - May 2021

Sorry for the late blog post. The past few months have been a whirlwind. Back in March we had the opportunity to travel to Mississippi to Epic Martial Arts to learn from Master Carlos Machado. It was a great seminar. I have to say, the best thing about seminars is if you get to travel with a group of friends, you all can challenge each other to see who gets to do <> the most. We were tasked by Master Carlos not to tell anyone for 30 days what we learned. But instead, while we were rolling with our friends at our school, we would yell out a number indicating how many to date we had gotten.

In April, I spent the whole month finishing up my studies for my Judo and BJJ belt tests. In Judo we have vocabulary and techniques, in BJJ we have just techniques to perform. It's hard to prepare for two tests in one month, but I did it. I was able to promote to Green belt in Judo, and I past my test in BJJ and earned my purple belt.

May is a special month to me. It's my birthday month! I would love to do a percentage off for my age, but my age is getting up there. So I'll be offering 20% off my whole store till the end of the month. Celebrate my birthday with me and tell your friends about Grapple Graphix. Maybe they want to display their rank too?


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