Covid/Hurricanes/Seminar/Great Pumpkin Hunt - Sept/Oct 2021

Hey everyone!

Sorry for skipping September. Back in August, towards the end of the month, we got to experience Covid as a family. Just as we were recovering, a major hurricane hit our area. We were far enough north to not get much damage, but please keep folks in the southern portions of Louisiana in your prayers. Many are still without homes and the destruction is just amazing.

Rest of September past quickly, and then we got to go to Texas to visit the Carlos Machado Affiliate Training weekend earlier this month! I’ve always wanted to do one of these, and it was a pretty cool experience. In the middle of the seminar they had a time for promotions. There were a number of brown belts earning their black belts. A few that stood out have been through some challenging times. Whether it be sickness or accidents, they pushed on and made rank. It was an honor to watch them earn their rank.

As for the rest of the training weekend, it was fun to learn new things, get little pieces of wisdom from different black belts and brought back some fun stuff for our school. It was also a great experience to gain more wisdom from Master Carlos Machado. Love learning from him! Looking forward to the next training weekend.

Great game idea for BJJ students

So I experimented this year with what I am calling the "Great Judo Pumpkin Hunt". I bought a real pie pumpkin and the teens named his Coach Edward Pumpky Le Pumpkin the First. Over the past few weeks I have been moving Coach Edward. The students have to quietly tell me where he is and I put their name in a cup. The week of Halloween I will draw a name for each of the classes and the winner gets a big chocolate bar and a school sticker. Kids are having so much fun with this. I've also been surprised at the fun some of the adults are having looking for Coach Edward. Will this be a yearly tradition? We shall see!

Customer Feature!!

Our customer, @pandamoniumbjj shared a 5-star review and a picture of the decals on their car!

"It’s perfect. Especially with the Faixa Marrom sticker from this same shop. It’s amazing. And exactly what I pictured."

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