Experimenting with competing- June 2021

In May, I got to participate in my first tournament of the year. I worked on how to stay hydrated, controlling my adrenaline, changed up what gear I brought, and tried to prepare my cardio. This tournament was also a lot of firsts for me, and my opponent.


This was my first tournament of the year. It was also my first tournament as a purple belt. I was super nervous as I've been seeing those who are in the purple belt realm, have been purple belts for a long time. I know this isn't the case in all schools, but at our school, you spend about 3-4 years at purple. I ended up being the highest ranking female that signed up for the NAGA tournament. While NAGA encourages us to take on a challenge, I was thankful to roll with a blue belt one more time, as I have only been purple for about a month. It was an honor to roll with my opponent at her first tournament. I was also super excited to meet another gal in my age and weight group participating in BJJ.

Adrenaline Control

Last November, I had a great time watching our children and friends compete, but with every match I watched, I had an adrenaline dump. I ended up exhausted at the November tournament. I worked hard all day at the NAGA tournament not to let that happen. But it was very hard. I am still working on that issue. The biggest thing I need to do is NOT think about what I might do at a match. Visualizing my matches just messes with my adrenaline. I also work on taking deep breaths when I feel that feeling come up while watching my kids and friends roll.


The only thing I did to prepare was roll longer. We normally have a few 3min rounds at our gym. So I would ask one of the dudes to roll with me for two rounds, which would get us up to 7min of rolling. I had no idea the NAGA tournament would be a 4min round, but there are no complaints there for me! I plan to do a little more cardio for the AGF tournament in July. I'll use practicing my stand up, since that's where most of my cardio is spent in a tournament.

New Gear

My last tournament, I had to stretch on the floor. I now have a dedicated tournament stretching mat, so I can stretch and warm up before my match with out touching the floor. I also ordered a cute pink bag to put it in, and I added some flair with some plush keychains to boot. The mat ended up being a blessing for my fellow team mates and for my husband (and coach) to sit on the ground. Another blessing of the mat is that one could take a nap on it if needed. Having to wake up so early to get the kids there for weigh ins (and then have to wait till dinner time for my match), a nap is most desired. Maybe I should add a travel pillow too?

I wish I could have brought my foam roller, as my shoulder get super tight before I even get out there. I am bringing my foam roller with me for the AGF.

I bought a HUGE water bottle, and drank almost the whole thing before my match. I think that helped in so many ways. We were not supposed to bring in drinks, but I really need more water than a normal concession stand water bottle could provide. I also brought snacks for myself and the teens. It was nice to run out to the van and get a break from being indoors to eat a little snack to keep ourselves sustained.

In conclusion

I'm looking forward to my next tournament, the Masters Cup AGF tournament in July. I'm feeling almost ready, but even more ready with my new strategies and gear. Here's to drinking more water and not thinking about what could happen in a match!

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