Feb 2021

Grappling Challenges

My husband and I are experimenting at our school with a challenge to encourage everyone to drill something 300-500 times for the whole semester. I have found this challenging for myself. I ending up picking a mount escape that is more meant for flexible people. After 3 years of training Jiujitsu as an advanced 30 year old, I'm still not that flexible. But I am going to keep working this escape and I'll report back at the end of the semester on how it's going!

New Decal Design

Earlier in December, one of our awesome followers on Instagram contacted me about a decal idea they had. They wanted a decal that said "OSS-SOME". I loved that idea, so I set to work designing this new decal.

I did two different designs, with this one, I wanted to make the text pop out. I want to go beyond just cutting out text, so I added some dimension to this decal by cutting out some "highlights" in the text.

Our "OSS-SOME" follower received this decal for free in the mail, and she also got a discount on a future purchase for contributing a decal idea. Thanks!

To check out this new design and purchase one of your own... CLICK HERE


ENDED All of our Judo Decals are on sale for the month of February. 15% off! Check out our collection here!

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