March 2021

Ice Storm 2021

Late February we were hit with an ice storm. Our family ended up loosing power for 11 hours. The storm started on a Monday, and many of my friends were out of power till Thursday. It was pretty awesome to hear all the pine tree branches break off the trees, and smell the fresh pine scent in the air. But these branches (and in some cases whole trees) were the main trouble for many in our state.

During this time, we had a few orders come in, and we wanted to say thanks to everyone for their patience as we dealt with the issues related with the ice storm. You guys rock!!

Coming soon!

Saw a few folks using the hashtag Faxia Azul or #FaxiaRoxa, and I thought, this would make for some fun decals! So I've been working on finding the perfect font and vinyl for these.

We have one little set back, we need to get a sticker transfer tape for the sparkling version of these decals, but we're super close to releasing these for purchase. We'll post to IG and FB when they are ready!

You will have the choice of a plain color or sparkling


<ENDED> All of our BJJ Decals are on sale for the month of March. 15% off! Check out our collection here!

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