NOTE: Decals need 24 hours to cure. Make sure there's no rain in the forecast.  

  • Step 1: Clean off glass with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. DO NOT USE WINDOW CLEANER. If applying to a laptop, phone case or indoor window, be sure to clean these surfaces the same way too. Not cleaning your surface can prevent the decal from sticking properly.   

  • Step 2: Locate a hard card or something with which to scrape over your design.   

  • Step 3: Scrape your decal on the transfer tape to prepare the decal for applying to your vehicle windshield and to make sure that the decal is on the transfer tape.  

  • Step 4: When peeling the backing paper off, make sure to go slowly so the whole design comes off. If part of it sticks to the backing paper, stop and scrape that section again and try again.  

  • Step 5: Peel off the backer paper. 

  • Step 5b: Sometimes I will put the backing paper back on loosely with a little of the transfer tape exposed to I can arrange where I want my design to go.   

  • Step 6: Place decal where you want it to go. Make sure the transfer tape is secure. Slowly add pressure to the design from top to bottom to prevent and bubbles from getting trapped.   

  • Step 7: Use the card to scrape the design onto your windshield.    Step 8: Carefully lift the transfer tape. GO SLOWLY to prevent bubbles from forming. If part of the design comes up with the tape, use the card on the transfer tape to scrape the design on the window.