Searching and Finding Inspiration 

Back in 2017, Josh and I had just finished our first (and for me, my last) 5k. We were enjoying a little snack at Panara when we started looking through Etsy for a decal that would represent our belt rank for BJJ. We didn't find anything we like, and it was at that moment, that we found our inspiration, to figure out how to make our own belt decal.      

It took me a few weeks, but I learned about how to operate a vinyl cutting machine and where to buy the best vinyl. I had a great friend give me pointers and great advice on the beginning of our journey.

We discussed our idea with our friends and Sensei at our dojo. They all loved the idea do. We had support from them, just what we needed to make this dream come true.

In January 2018, we launched our Etsy store selling BJJ belt decal kits, and Judo belt decals. We ended up adding Hapkido and Taekwondo belts, plus other designs.

 One of the things I love is the repeat customers who keep coming back to order their next belt rank for their cars. It's like I get to watch them progress and cheer them on in their journey. Thank you for growing with us and letting us watch you all grow in your martial arts! Our little family business could not do this without you.